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EURO 2024 - NFIP Meeting

The International Police Cooperation Center (IPCC) EURO 2024 sub-working group met on the 5th of March in Neuss. The German NFIP (ZIS) and their partners presented the status of preparations for the build up of the IPCC EURO 2024 and of the international police cooperation arrangements, foreign police delegations deployments, information exchange etc. in the light of the EURO 2024 to be hosted by Germany between 14 of June and 14th of July 2024.

The IPCC EURO 2024 sub-working group was established in 2021 and comprises NFIP representatives from Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Switzerland and United Kingdom, as well the partners from Europol and UEFA. The group already met 5 times since its establishment and supported the German NFIP in the planning and implementation of the IPCC EURO 2024. This structure will be functioning during the EURO 2024 in Neuss and reunite more than 200 foreign police delegates.

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