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The Event Policing & International Co-operation project has been designed to further enhance the effectiveness of the European Network of NFIPs and associated international police co-operation arrangements. The principal aim is to ensure that policing agencies across Europe are prepared and equipped to face the challenges posed by the multi-hosted Euro 2020 football finals and, in so doing, help minimise the safety and security risks to millions of European citizens who plan to attend Euro 2020 matches, use the extensive European air, sea and rail transport networks, or reside or work in the twelve cities hosting the event.  An important parallel aim will be to use the Euro 2020 challenges and the EPIC project work streams as an opportunity to provide a legacy of an enhanced and ever more effective NFIP network and a more harmonised European-wide approach to policing the extensive annual calendar of football matches with an international dimension.


WS 1 – NFIP Secretariat
Appointment of a Euro 2020 NFIP network team to co-ordinate and oversee the effectiveness of the European NFIP network, and associated initiatives, including all related Euro 2020 work streams.

WS 2 – Supporters Movement & Diasporas
Research into the location, movement and potential risks associated with supporters attending matches who support but are not resident in participating States.

WS 3 – International Police Cooperation Centre (IPCC)
Management of a Euro 2020 NFIP Network Police Information Co-ordination Centre (PICC) to be located in Europol co-ordination centre facility in the build up to and during Euro 2020.


WS 4 – NFIP Platform: Major Events Module
Enhance the new NFIP website through the development of a major events' specific facility, focusing initially on EURO 2020.


WS 5 – IPCC and NFIP Network Euro 2020 Conference
Facilitate and support international police co-operation, through the provision of good practice documentation culminating in hosting of an international Euro 2020 police co-operation conference aimed at informing the national preparations of hosting, participating, transit and other States.


WS 6 – Advice, Support and Training
Provision of National Policing Football Training events in, and other advice to, MS and, where appropriate, other States.


WS 7 – Euro 2020 Police Cooperation Review
Research and delivery of a post Euro 2020 report/analysis regarding the effectiveness of the international police co-operation and information exchange arrangements and safety and security issues in connection with Euro 2020.


WS 1 – EURO2020 Report
Preparation and issue of a comprehensive report with recommendations on EURO 2020 international police cooperation and information exchange arrangements and effectiveness.

WS 2 – Pandemic Review
Review and evaluation of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on EURO 2020 generally and police cooperation and information exchange arrangements in particular in order to prepare guidance designed to facilitate resilience and scenario planning.

WS 3 – NFIP Portal (EPE)
Review, evaluation of the new and improved NFIP website (hosted on Europol EPE Platform) and the EURO 2020 Major International Events section to identify refinements for enhancing its effectiveness.


WS 4 – Annual Threat Assessment
Development of the new (Europol EPE hosted) NFIP website in preparation for EURO 2020, the data gathered in connection with that tournament, and the associated partnership between the NFIP network and Europol will provide the basis for the launch of an annual (police-data based) threat assessment by the NFIP network with a contribution from Europol in respect of football- related serious and organised criminality.


WS 5 – NFIP Website
Use the EURO 2020 experience to develop and launch a public- accessible website to promote the role and activities of TT/NFIP network and partnership with key funders and stakeholders..


WS 6 – Legacy
Identification and pursuance of EURO 2020 lessons learned applicable to police cooperation and information exchange in respect of the 2022 World Cup and EURO 2024.

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